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Unescape Tmux

Location: Castle Approach


Can you help me?

I was playing with my birdie (she's a Green Cheek!) in something
called tmux,then I did something and it disappeared!

Can you help me find her? We were so attached!!
elf@85bbfae78a41:~$ tmux list-session
s0: 1 windows (created Thu Dec 10 22:26:11 2020) [80x24]
elf@85bbfae78a41:~$ tmux attach-session -t 0


See Tmux Cheat Sheet!


  1. Find the session or sessions using the tmux command list-session. This will return a list of sessions that can be attached to.
  2. Attach to the session that is listed using the tmux command attach-session with -t and the session number, which in this case is 0.


Tmux result