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4. Operate the Santavator


Sparkle Redberry in the entrance hall of the castle.

Hey hey, Sparkle Redberry here!

The Santavator is on the fritz. Something with the wiring is grinchy, but maybe you can rig something up?

Here's the key! Good luck!

On another note, I heard Santa say that he was thinking of canceling KringleCon this year!

At first, I thought it was a joke, but he seemed serious. I’m glad he changed his mind.

Have you had a chance to look at the Santavator yet?

With that key, you can look under the panel and see the Super Santavator Sparkle Stream (S4).

To get to different floors, you'll need to power the various colored receivers.

... There MAY be a way to bypass the S4 stream.




By the stage that I attempted this challenge I had picked up 3 items:

  • The candycane just outside the entrance door to the Castle.
  • The nut in the entrance hall near to the Santavator.
  • The green light in the courtyard.
    Green Light

This allowed the following layout of the objects to get enough sparkles to go into the green receiver.

Object layout

It is worth noting that there is a small scrap of paper stuck in the bottom right corner of the panel that lets you know which floors need which colours. At this point the Santavator can move between the "Lobby" and the "Talks".

With the panel closed, the buttons for "Lobby" and "KringleCon Talks" are now usable.

Panel with active buttons

Clicking either of the buttons with operate the Santavator.

Objective completed


There is the layout of objects in the Santavator as show above, but there is also a Javascript bypass, of which there will be more in Defeat Fingerprint Sensor


Other items that may help to control the Santavator will be found as follows:

  • The Red Light in the Talks Lobby
    Red Light
  • The Elevator 1.5 Button in the Speaker UNPreparedness room
    Elevator 1.5 button
  • Portals in the Speaker UNPreparedness room after talking to "Release the Snacken", the vending machine

    Release the Snacken


    We're outta glazed donuts.

    We're outta jelly donuts.

    We're outta Bavarian cream-filled donuts.

    We're outta cinnamon rolls.

    We're outta apple fritters.

    We're outta bear... wait a minute...





    All I've got are these Portal Candies. Enjoy!

    Can I interest you in a box of weasles, by chance?


  • Large Marble in the Workshop
    Large Marble

  • Rubber Ball in the Wrapping Room
    Rubber ball
  • Yellow light in on the Roof in the NetWars area
    Yellow Light

I managed to pick up a second Nut beside the Elf Code machine in the Dining Room but I never actually saw it and it was much, much later in the game. I never did find the small marble.