Welcome to my report on the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge and Kringle Con 3 Turtle Doves

Kringle Con

Before I start, I would like to thank all those involved in the creation of the Holiday Hack Challenge. It is a tremendous undertaking that I very much appreciate.

This is my report on Kringle Con 3 Turtle Doves.

This year Santa has renovated his castle to accommodate the growing number of conference attendees and we get a chance to look around, sometimes going where we shouldn't. We also get the opportunity to see things through Santa's eyes and get access to things that only Santa can access.

The report covers:

  • the terminals and challenges that I completed
  • the objectives that I completed while I was at Kringle Con
  • the hints that I picked up along the way.

This year, not only have a I ventured into using mkdocs so that the pages are static but I have added some videos as I felt that at times it was easier to show a walk-through. Perhaps I can follow Jack Rhysider's advice and create a blog about what I learn about editing videos ...

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