KringleCon back at the castle, set the stage...

But it's under construction like my GeoCities page.

Feel I need a passport exploring on this platform -

Got half floors with back doors provided that you
hack more!

Heading toward the light, unexpected what you see

An alternate reality, the vision that it reflects.

Mental buffer's overflowing like a fast food drive-
thru trash can.

Who and why did someone else impersonate the big man?

You're grepping through your brain for the portrait's

"Jack Frost: Santa," he's the villain who had
triggered all this mess!

Then it hits you like a chimney when you hear what he 
ain't saying:

Pushing hard through land disputes, tryin' to stop 
all Santa's sleighing.

All the rotting, plotting, low conniving streaming 
from that skull.

Holiday Hackers, they're no slackers, returned Jack a 
big, old null!